November 1, 2009

Sugar Daddy Ken Doll

Uh huh

I love love love barbies. Lawwwd know I do. Lol. Sugar Daddy Ken is the latest incarnation of Barbie's long-time boyfriend. He sports a mop of silver hair and a fake tan to rival any young Hollywood "It girl" along with another of their favourite accessories a little white dog.

His ensemble also includes floral swimming trunks, flip-flops, sunglasses and a bottle of water everything you need to laze by the pool or sun yourself on the beach. This doesnt seem like something a "sugar" daddy would wear. Is it me or does this new ken doll looks a little “Howww you dooooiiiiiiin”. And mattel says the little dogs name is Sugar. Ohhhhh lawd jesus take the wheel.

October 21, 2009

Up Close & Personal: McQueen

Ok McQueen you are the iiiish the enitre world knows it but these shoes, these shoes, these shooooooes scare me. Dont get me wrong hunnybun their hawt but if I were to stick my foot in these shoes in walk Im begging for a visit to the E.R.

October 14, 2009


Ralph Lauren you are full of FUCKERY. I was so disturbed when I read bout this. Filippa Hamilton, 23 was fired from Ralph Lauren as a model for being “overweight” and she’s only 5’10 & 120 pounds. It all started when she was amazed to see her body digitally distorted for Ralph Lauren Blue Label. "I was shocked to see that super skinny girl with my face," she told the Daily News. Below is the distorted picture.

The brand at Ralph Lauren had the nerve to issue a statement saying “we let her go because she couldnt stick with the requirements in the contract. But Flippa says "They fired me because they said I was overweight and I couldn't fit in their clothes anymore.”

The term "under-weight" is a medical/technical term just like the word "tall" is a technical term. Calling someone a skinny biishh is what we call judgemental. There is a difference. A doctor can write under-weight in your medical chart, a doctor will not write skinny biiiish in your chart.

Filippa I am available if you need a shoulder to cry on & RALPH LAUREN IS FULL OF PURE FUCKERY! Hamilton WallpapersFilippa Hamilton Wallpapers

October 13, 2009

Nails : Nails : Nails

I love this isssh OH EM GEE. This is just AMAZING how this is done. I would definetly rock some 3-D nail art. It wouldnt be as extreme as this but I would try it out. Japanese street fashion has always & will be the most innovative to me they are the best at bringing a fantasy to life. I think i wanna get watermelon painted on my nails with the seeds in 3-D Lol.

Fantasy Fingernails
Fingernail Plants
Fingernail Art...Fantasy FingernailsFingernail Plants

Dont frown at it you know you want your nails done like this gwuuurrrrlls!

October 11, 2009

Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf have changed so much since they "came up". They used to be such a cutesy-cute label. But I do love them still, after all I am not the same as I was when I found out about them in the first place.

I love it how they have courage to do whatever they will and take what ever direction they like. It's very brave fashion -wise and must be done now when the label is still quite young. Instead of after fifty years when it would bo so much harder.

October 3, 2009

Tim Burton's Tricks And Treats

Tim Burton is a God & I worship him with every farbic swatch of my being. I feel like my fantasy has come alive. Yes Tim Burton I believe if you were to do a collection with me as creative direction we would be unfuckwitable. LOL. Tim is giving his quirky, gothic touches on this months pages of Harper's Bazaar. Armani, Ferragamo, Gaultier, Gucci, McQueen, Rodarte, YSL and many, many more designers peices are featured in this spread!

This editorial is inspired by his films like "The Nightmare Before Christmas," "Edward Scissorhands," and "Corpse Bride." Even though my ass is terrified of any kind of scary cartoon or movie. I love this editorial it definetly looks like something I would have wanted to bring to the pages of a magazine editorial!


September 28, 2009

13 Y.O. Fashion Stylist

Move over Anna Wintour there's a new BadBishFashionista in town. Thirteen-year-old blogger/fashionista/stylist Tavi Gevinson is capturing people's attention & MY HEART with her musings on life in the burbs of Chicago and the international world of high fashion.


This BadBishFashionista is fab 2 weeks ago at NY Fashion Week she was front row at alot of shows. Some people are bitching about her being to young but I say if she knows her shiii, fierce, and fabulous she ok in my book.


“Over this past year I have become increasingly interested in clothing, and have developed a clearer understanding of the idea that clothing can be art... Using fashion as self-expression can go beyond wearing a shirt with a slogan, as clothing has the ability to evoke an entire feel, or atmosphere, or emotion, or world.

But possessing a talent for fashion at a young age can prove to be isolating”

- Tavi

Tavi Gevinson at Maria Cornejo Marc Jacobs秀场妖孽横行

September 21, 2009

Make Me A Monster . . .


“Make Me A Monster” is the 14 page spread that stars Guinevere van Seenus in a myriad of outlandish looks featuring creations from your favorite top designers. Photographer Daniel Jackson delivers a AMAZING bizarre cover shoot for October’s Dazed & Confused.